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Our Story

Welcome to Rush to Hope Ministries

God planted a seed in my heart many years ago that I ignored for many different reasons.  I'm not good enough, I'm not an expert, and my one really needs this.  Out of my own hurting, I knew there was a need for a network or support group for all aspects of infertility and adoption. 


My husband, Michael, and I have two beautiful children! Our 15 years of marriage, many years of struggling with infertility, and the long road of adoption brought our family together. You can read our parenthood story here.  Our son, we adopted internationally from Russia when he was 13 months old. Read his story here.  Our daughter, we adopted domestically as an infant.  Read her story here. Both with beautiful testimonies to God's amazing miraculous plan for our family. Between those two adoptions we parented a teen foster daughter for a little over a year.  With our life experiences and struggles mounding, God began watering that little seed of ministry again in 2016 after He finally brought our daughter home. 

Rush to Hope Ministries was finally born on Mother's Day 2017 when I shared our testimony for the first time to our church family and launched our website and blog!  My goal has always been and still is to connect people by creating a network of beautiful and inspiring stories. I want to connect the people behind those stories with others who are walking a similar journey.  The blog is filled with inspirational testimonies and more; it's a place to laugh, cry and find comfort in knowing we are not alone.  From trying to conceive, treatment options, IVF, miscarriage, child loss, adoption question...we have a mentor who can relate! 

I want this ministry to reach people who are hurting.  Because, I had those same feelings of loneliness, self doubt, anger, pity; the list could go on depending on the day, but with God's mercy comes healing!  You are welcome to enjoy my blog; laugh and cry with me.  You can contact me via email to chat or I can connect you with a mentor who has been where you are.  I don't have all the answers, no one does, but having a friend to talk with and have them truly understand is priceless!


If you would like to share your experiences to help others, contact me about being a mentor or writing your inspirational story on Rush to Hope!  God is once again pulling on my heart to share our story by speaking, getting connected, and reaching more people.  I love sharing our family testimony and how God has written my motherhood story! I would be honored to speak about our amazing God and overcoming the obstacles of life at your next event.  I truly believe the trials in our lives can be a blessing to others. 

love and support,




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