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Samantha Morgan


         "{Jesus} comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble                with the comfort we ourselves have received from God."  - 2 Corinthians 1;4    

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Author of

Miraculously My Own


Events I Love

*women's groups

*women's conferences

*Mother's Day message

*guest panels

*podcast guest

*adoption/infertility related

*family building

*Pro Life


*Christian or other


As an infertility survivor,  adoptive mom, and founder of Rush to Hope Ministries I love sharing how God continues to write my story to bring hope and encouragement to others. From the feelings of complete abandonment to God's healing, gentle, forgiving grace; my life is far beyond what I could have imagined on my own. 


As a speaker, I love relating my family testimony to everyday struggles big or small.  My heart is speaking to women, but I also enjoy speaking to couples or a broader audience when appropriate.  My experience as an elementary and middle school teacher for eleven years has shaped my approachable speaking style, and my day job as a group fitness instructor blends in plenty of fun and spontaneous humor!   

My mission is to help those hurting; bringing inspiration to others no matter how they're struggling. I'm your down-to-Earth, girl next door kind of relatable, and I want to get to know you and what you want the audience to take away from your event.  I do my best to work with-in your budget, and with prayer and understanding we can find a topic that is just what God has in store! 

Love and support, 


Most requested Keynotes

When I can't Pray
What do we do when we can't pray? When there are no words for the situation. Romans 8 is where I Learned an important lesson "Keep my eyes on God, not on the end result I want and I will be amazed by the outcome." 

Faith is an Experience
How can we have faith during the most difficult of times? Must you take a blind leap of faith to please God? Hebrew 11 takes us on a beautiful explanation of what true faith actually is, and how we can live each day with faith because the one who promises is faithful. 

Pro-Life Events: Wanted
Life is a miracle and wanted by God. Centered around Isaiah 43, I share my personal story of domestic adoption, meeting our daughter's birth mother, and how having the right person at the right time can help a young mother make a life saving choice for her baby. 

"We were especially touched in how she expressed what a blessing the birth-mothers were to her, and how precious they are as individuals. I don't think anyone else could have impressed this point upon our audience any more clearly and lovingly. We are so thankful for her heart for women and children and her passionate message on the infinite value of life." 

-Brandi Jarrett,

MGPRC director Missouri

"It was the best ladies retreat we've had for me. The Holy Spirit was definitely present and working in our hearts!" 

-Janet, Missouri

"Hope filled, relatable, sincere, and hilarious. Full of grace and a blessing to hear."   

- Missy, Arizona

"Samantha's energy and hope in God is contagious - you will be blessed by her ministry." 

-Athena, Washington

"I loved every second...What an incredible picture you painted for us about what hope really looks like." 

-Christina, South Carolina

"Samantha speaks from the heart. In her authenticity and relaxed humor she reveals God's hope and love. She is refreshing!"

-Holly, Minnesota 

Share Your Story... @ House Church 2021               Wanted: virtual banquet 2020

Podcast interviews: She Speaks Stories, Zig Zag and 1, Hope Filled Perspective, 24K conversations

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