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Adoption, Where do we start?

Contemplating the adoption process seams scary and complicated! having several people ask, "so where do I start if I'm interested in adoption" got me thinking. I started reflecting on our own adoptions, international and domestic, and where we started. I've complied the must does when first considering adoption.

1. Pray for direction...

As you are navigating this journey pray for direction and guidance in all of the following areas. Begin praying for your child and their care givers, and or birth mother and birth father. Start to finish pray for all the following areas as well!

2. consider the children. age, race, disability...

This may sound cruel to some, but it is the reality of adoption that I didn't know existed. A very long conversation needs to be had between you and your spouse as to what type of child you are willing to accept. And I mean everything about a child you are willing to love and accept for the rest of your life. When filling out paperwork to adopt there will be a questionnaire a mile long listing everything from major physical disabilities to wearing glasses.

3. Research types of adoptions so you can choose the best for you...

Foster care adoption is much needed and the least expensive adoption option. Children in the system can be of all ages. Wait time can be long along with family visits and social services being involved.

Domestic adoption can range in cost from $15,000-$30,000. Children are usually infants, but your wait time varies greatly. Birth parents choose you from a profile book or web profile.

International adoption can be quite pricey and range from $25,000 - $60,000. Children are mostly age 2 or older, and health can be a factor to consider. Within each of these types of adoptions are more options, so do your research!

4. Chose the right adoption agency, facilitator, lawyer, or case worker...

There are many options when adopting and this choice will depend a lot on what type of adoption you have decided on. When fostering you will call your local social services office. Domestic adoptions can use an agency, facilitator, or lawyer. International adoptions will need an agency that specializes in the country you choose.

5. Pull the trigger and trust God's plan...

The process of adoption can be scary and complicated, but adoption is not! Navigating the adoption process just takes time, research, and going for it. Don't be afraid to make contact with as many agencies as you need and don't be afraid to ask questions even if you think they may be silly. God will steer you in the right direction. You will find an agency, lawyer, facilitator, case worker that you feel most comfortable with.

God has the perfect child already picked out for your family. God already knows the number of hairs on his head. God already knows the situations you will face to find her. Trust his plan.

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